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The Rise of Black Owned Coffee Shops

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Over the Last Year, South LA Saw a Stunning Rise in Black-Owned Cafes

South Los Angeles is in the midst of a significant coffee cultural shift. In a region historically known more for corporate coffee chains, the last 15 months saw a stunning number of African-American-owned cafes that either opened or plan to debut in 2020. While these fairly recent businesses have already begun to alter the cafe experience in neighborhoods like View Park, Windsor Hills, Inglewood, and Jefferson Park, one can track the start back to a momentous event in 2018: the closure of Magic Johnson’s iconic Starbucks in Ladera Heights. Also known as “Starblacks,” this Magic Johnson-owned Starbucks was a popular destination where mostly African-American faces gathered to openly discuss the news of the day, work remotely, and take meetings while playing rounds of dominoes or high-level chess. It remained on the corner of La Cienega and Centinela for 20 years, and its departure left a gaping hole in what used to be a key gathering spot for the neighborhood. Read the full article here.

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